Good morning everyone ☆


But all of your pictures are of such great quality!!!
b-b-but it helps more in CAS so i know it looks good~ XD
May i ask what blush you use to make her skin look more realistic ?
I’m not sure it’s the blush to be honest, I think it’s the skin she’s wearing which is from here ^.^
Way too beautiful ❤️❤️
thank you dear, love you! <3
Anonymous said: hey if you do wcif's i would like to know where you got the shirt with the birds on it from thank you :))

hello, dear~

of course i do! don’t hesitate to ask me! you can get the top from here

How annoying ;-;

CAS was such great quailty but tonight it isn’t but in game it is still high quailty T^T whyyyyy ughhh…

Hello! ♡

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